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As a residential roofing company in St. Louis, we work hard to do the best roofing job at the best price.  We understand that your roof is a costly endeavor but if done correctly could last a very long time. Getting the proper roof installed correctly is key to the success of the longevity of the roof.  This is why you should only hire professional roofers like ourselves.

Roofing is not something that any backyard handyman should do.  It’s costly and takes knowledge that will help the roof stay intact for years to come.  Our residential roofs in St Louis come in a variety of materials, designs, colors, and shapes to fit just about any roofing budget and look.  We want your roof to add value to the overall property and today there are just so many options to choose from. If you cannot decide on a color, take a look around at the various roofing colors that are used with your color siding.  A drive through some neighborhoods should help. Or look around online at the various designs and colors as well as ask us. We work with roofs all day, every day, so we can help as well.

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4K Exteriors is a close-knit team that has several project managers, install managers, and an administration team to handle all of your needs.

4K Exteriors specializes in a NO PRESSURE CONSULTATION.. Not a hard, bruising sales pitch. We understand the value of work/home life balance. We understand the value of your home and how important it is. We don’t badger or hard sell you. We offer a no-hassle consultation. We truly live “Roofing your way, on your time.”

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