5 Reasons To Inspect Your Roof Yearly

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Why roof inspections are so important.

  • Inspections of any exterior property are free when provided by 4k Exteriors. There is no cost, thus no disadvantage to the home or business owner.
  • The average life span of an asphalt shingle in hail zones (the midwest) is 2-6 years. This is shorter with an architectural shingle.
  • While some home and business owners are waiting for hail, they may have sufficient wind damage to proceed with a claim.
  • Regular inspections can help pinpoint small problems before they become large problems (poor flashing leading to leaks, soft/rotting decking, etc…)
  • Checks of soft metals such as vents and pipes.

Contact your 4K team for a courtesy inspection. All personnel is trained to conduct a thorough walk-through of the entire property, ensuring all areas are checked for damage. This includes, but is not limited to: Roof, gutters, siding, downspouts, garage, fence, pipes, vents, detached shed and loose items on the exterior of the property.

4K Project Managers will not advise home and business owners to file a claim unless damage is visible and viable.

Email: newroof@4kexteriors.com

Phone: (636) 944-1495

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