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Before you hire a residential roofing company to work on your home or garage roof, consider their ratings and professionalism. Finding a contractor that checks every box could take time, but X marks the spot with 4K Exteriors. We will break down every question and make sure you get the high-quality service you need, guaranteed. Our team specializes in any and all roofing systems. Nothing lasts forever, but a professionally installed roof is a major investment that should challenge that idea. With roofing services by 4K Exteriors, you can extend your home’s lifespan with the best quality roofing systems, installed using industry-leading products, codes and standards.

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Choosing your Roofing Colors

Nowadays, your roof doesn’t have to only be slate or asphalt-colored – with various colors and styles to choose from, we can upgrade your roof not only for energy saving purposes, but aesthetically as well. Deciding on the right material is critical to the lifespan of your roofing system, and depending on the selected color scheme, homeowners could earn a tax write-off for energy efficiency.


We are your home’s personal stylists with recommendations galore. If you are more of the conservative type, we will suggest something that blends with your siding. If you want your home to be an evolving adventure, we can also contrast your roof from the rest of the house’s exterior. We also take into consideration the lines and slopes of your home. When it comes to customizable roofing materials, metal roofs come in a variety of colors and styles, including steel, copper and galvanized steel. They weigh less than asphalt roofs, and when upgrading a roof, can often be placed on top of the old roof with no conflict. We will take care of the disposal of the old roof materials and coatings for no extra charge.


The only way to know all your options for roofing colors (and trust us, you have a lot of them!) is to give us a call. We will work with you to decide what style, color and type of residential you need.

Residential Roofing Repairs

4K Exteriors is well versed with any residential roofing project, including inspections, repairs, storm damage solutions and insurance assistance. We have worked with homeowners to correctly submit their roof damage to many insurance companies, especially after storm seasons.

When water leaks into your home, it has likely been building up in your home for years. If left unaddressed, water and other buildup can cause wood rot and structural deterioration. Depending on how many layers of the roof the damage has affected, we may not even have to replace the entire structure. Whether or not a protective coating process could be an option, we will tell you during the inspection and quote so you can budget time and finances before service begins.


As efficient as our services may be, a roof installation is not a quiet process. We use industry-rated tools and equipment such air compressors, and we all know how hammering nails into walls sound. If you have nervous pets, we recommend finding a quieter location for them until services are complete. If you work from home, it may be best to set up shop at an alternative location for a few days while we perfect your home’s exterior. While these few days of noise may be inconvenient, they will be worth the lifetime of your new-and-improved roofing system.

We are happy to offer free quotes and inspections. Not sure if you need new roofing services? Our team will conduct a detailed inspection for no fee or obligation – we just want you and your family to be safe. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call today!


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