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Need residential roofing done on your home or garage?  While looking for a residential roofer, you need to consider a few things.  Things such as what is the companies experience do they have good ratings and are they capable of doing their job.  Finding a contractor that will take the time to answer your questions and give the advice needed. Residential roofing is a skill that not everyone has and it is not something a general handyman should tackle.  Your residential roof is going to last you for years to come but the initial investment isn’t an inexpensive solution. Roofs are to put on properly to get the longevity desired. This comes with skill and knowledge of every type of residential roofing component and product on the market.

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Choosing your Roofing Colors

Roofs don’t just come in black anymore.  There are all kinds of various colors and styles for your residential roof.  And, at times there are tax write-offs for the various colors as well, this is because they help with home efficiency.  But, getting the right color is critical. If you are more of the conservative type, we would recommend something that blends well with your siding.  However, if you are looking to be more adventurous, roofs that contrast the siding looks very nice as well. The metal roofs come in a huge selection of different colors and you can get pretty crazy with them.  These metal roof can also come in steel, copper or galvanized steel. They are lighter weight than that of an asphalt roof and often times can be put right over the old asphalt roof and last a lifetime. This is a great option for some homeowner’s as it’s a lifetime room and there is no charge for tearing off the old one.  

Getting the right lines and style for your home is important as well.  If you are building a new home, remember that the roof is huge in the curb appeal.  Having a fancy roof though comes with consequences as the valley’s of the roofs are their weak points.  

Finding the right residential roofing company will mean you will have a roof that lasts for years to come.  There are various colors and styles of roofing materials to choose from. Getting the right roof style, color and design can add a huge amount to the curb appeal of the home.  After all, the roof is a large portion of the home and this should be considered when looking at the roof. The color should compliment the house nicely. And, some roofs will offer a tax write off from time to time, which will benefit the homeowner.  This is usually decided by color and style, as with metal roofs, they can be literally any color out there. And, some colors are more energy efficient than others. The government will compliment you with more energy efficient color. These programs change all the time, but a good to look into.  

Give us a call and let us help you decide what style, color and type of residential roofing you may need.

Residential Roofing Repairs

Besides residential roofing installations, we also offer roofing inspections, roofing repair and insurance assistance with the roofing industry.  We have worked with homeowners to submit their roofs damage to many insurance companies. If your roof has been damaging by storms or weather, we can help.  Our roofing team are experts are happy to assist where they can.

We are happy to offer free quoting and inspection services.  Not sure if you need a new roof as of yet? Give us a call, it’s better to have it inspected than have further damage down the road.  Insurance doesn’t cover neglect and a spot in the roof could be wearing thin, if you wait until you see water coming in the home, this is when it is too late.  By the time the water is noticed, it has seeped most likely for a few years, which can cause rot and damage to the structure of the home. In some cases the old roof doesn’t have to be torn off to put up a new roof, this is determined by how many layers your current roof has as well as the structure of your home.  If this can be done, we will give you this option in our quote.

During a roof installation, we ask that you remember this is not a quite process.  Things like hammers and air compressors will be used. So, if you have pets, finding a quieter location may be best.  And, if you work from home, you might want to set up and alternative for a few days. These few days of inconvenience is nothing to the lifetime your new roof will last.

Give us a call and let us help you decide what style, color and type of residential roofing you may need.


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