Chesterfield roofing repair

We offer roof repair solutions as well.  Over time the roof can have spots that wear out before the rest of the roof.  If we can find a suitable match for the shingles, we can offer to repair this area.  Sometimes there isn’t a suitable solution for the patch repair and the entire roof will have to be replaced.  However, to know your options completely you should give us a call for a roof inspection. We are happy to get on the roof and see if there are any soft spots or damage from a storm.   This is important as we want to ensure that the damage is just in that one spot.

Having noticeable damage on the outside tells us that there is definitely a need for roof repair.  However, if the damage is water on the inside, this could mean a whole lot more repair than just the roof.  When there are leaks in the home this should throw red flags. Because this means that the water has traveled from the roof’s shingles to the inner layer of the roof, the rafters, the insulation, down the walls even.  This can mean a whole lot more damage than just a simple roof patch.

chesterfield roof repair

There are times that the roof repair will be covered by the homeowner’s insurance.  In this case, we want to help you through the process if possible. The insurance companies can be a bit confusing and especially if you don’t work with them all the time as we do.  If you have questions, we are here to be on your side to help. Remember the insurance adjusters are on the insurance companies side, which is why having someone that understands the industry can help you get the coverage you paid for.  

Roof inspection

We are happy to come out and offer a complimentary roof inspection.  We know that roofing is not something that everyone understands. It is a major component to the house, and it can be quite complex. Getting the right color and style for the home is important. And, we want to help in any way we can. Not sure of the color you’d like to put on?  Drive around the neighborhoods and look for homes that are the color of yours. Sometimes people have a hard envisioning what it will look like. Browsing the internet is a great spot as well.  The roof is a huge part of the houses curb appeal, the wrong color, style or material could really hurt the look of the home. And, if you are looking at a roof repair, but there are not matching shingles on the market, it is best to do a section or at times the entire roof needs replaced.  

If you should have questions regarding roofing repair and replacement, give us a call.  We are happy to assist in answering any and all the questions you might have. We have worked in the industry for a very long time and understand that this is a rather large investment that takes research.  And, we are happy to help.


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