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Whether it’s aged wear and tear or a nettlesome leak, 4K Exterior offers high-quality repair solutions for any roofing problem. Even if you don’t have noticeable exterior damage, our trained and certified team will inspect your roof for any soft spots or undetected storm damage. We take the utmost care and conduct a detailed inspection to determine if a patch job or full roof replacement is needed.


Having noticeable damage on the exterior could be a sign of further interior damage. If your home has leaks, water has traveled from the roof’s shingles into the inner layer of the roof, and seeped further into the rafters, insulation and walls. This is a major red flag – instead of solely fixing the leak, we will go even further to repair your entire roof to prevent any future damage. We will do our best to find matching shingles or other roofing materials if only a small repair is needed.

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After our inspection and estimation, we will help you through the insurance claim process. Getting information from insurance companies can be confusing and challenging if you’re not familiar with the process like we are. Working alongside a trustworthy company that understands the industry can help you get the coverage you paid for.

Imagining Your New Roof

We know the roofing industry is not something that everyone understands from top to bottom – that’s what we’re here for. Getting the right roofing system is a major home investment, and it can be quite complex. If you are unsure what style or color you would like for your home, we recommend hopping in the car and driving around to see what stands out to you. You could also browse online – the options there are endless! The wrong aesthetic choices can really affect the overall curb appeal. We are happy to come out for a complimentary roof inspection and recommend any aesthetic renovations you are curious about! With years of experience and the portfolio to show for them, we understand how much research and work goes into any project to get it just right, and we are happy to help however we can.


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